TRIBE Basecamp trailer electrical layout

The TRIBE basecamp trailer is professionally wired by engineers.  As you go through the trailer you will see that there are no shortcuts taken with the electrical wiring of this professional overland trailer.

TRIBE Basecamp trailer electrical layout

In the Main compartment located on the right front side of the trailer (Facing from back) you will find the control station and powerhouse of the trailer.

There is the 1100w Inverter that is also wired to charge the battery from the outside “Shore power” plug.  You will have the main shutoff and on switch as well as the water level indicator, Solar Panel controller to battery and Overload protection fuses. There are invertor and solar panel switches to activate them as well as a Volt and Amp digital meter to show what is happening with the power.

The 7 Pin car power connecter will activate the break and backup lights as well as the small overhead lisc plate light when plugged in.  The 7 Pin will also charge the battery while you are driving allowing you to have a full charge when you get to the basecamp.

The TRIBE trailer also has 4 outside LED lights to make sure that the basecamp is lit at night and they are activated by the LED switches inside the doors.  There are LED strips located at the kitchen and front doors to make sure that you have enough light around the TRIBE trailer to safely navigate yur way around in those dark unlit locations.

TRIBE has you covered for electrical and we are happy to help if you have questions about your TRIBE TRAILER.


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