At TRIBE we are constantly trying to improve the performance of the Overland trailer.  We decided to try and remove the STOCK shocks and replace with BILSTEIN 5125 Series 33-187112 Shocks.  We had it a little easy due to the fact we have a forklift but you will need to jack the back of the trailer up,  Place safety jacks under the arms and make sure the trailer is connected to the vehicle and the brake is on.   We then dropped the spare tire, removed the shock on both sides and jacked the arms up a little to install the BILSTEIN shocks onto the trailer.  Using the same hardware that the other shocks came with it installed extremely easily.  Now we are playing with the shock length and shock ride so this is still a TEST IN progress but we will update you on exactly how they did when we get to test them.


As you can see we messed up the position of the jack so this got changed

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