TRIBE trailers handle extremely well on all road conditions due to the independent suspension that the trailers have.  The trailer on the freeway ( at posted speeds) handles extremely well with no drag, no resistance and no pushing the car if you stop due to the extremely light weight design.  When on fire trails or dirt roads the trailer stays stable and this is due to the independent suspension arms absorbing all of the holes and grooves in the road. When in extreme situation where the vehicle is moving from side to side on big rocks, boulders, trenches the completely articulating arm kicks in and allows the trailer to work independently from the vehicle and if done correctly will not flip to the side.  NOW – practice makes perfect and learn your limitations and in rough conditions ALWAYS GO SLOW.  Do not go into conditions where you know that your vehicle will not make it and always have recovery gear available to help get you out of any situation.  Safely overland to your destination and think safety first.


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