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TRIBE Trailer kitchen systemTribe trailer kitchen

TRIBE overland trailers have a complete pull out instant kitchen sliding from the inside of the trailer.  The kitchen is equipped with two stove top burners and a sink directly connected to your water supply.  Setup for the Kitchen is quick and easy and all you have to do is  open the door, slide the kitchen in place, drop the legs and extension side table and let gourmet cooking being.

What great about this kitchen is that you are able to store the propane tank in the front compartment securely and TRIBE supplies the trailer with a hose and regulator that connects to the manifold of the burners when you are ready to start cooking.

The top table accepts a griddle or BBQ that can be placed on top of the glass countertop so that you can grill using the kitchen as well.

Once setup you can start chopping cooking grilling for the family just like you would do at home.  The back of the Trailer has a SLIDEOUT that has more than enough space for a 12V refrigerator freezer or a cooler.  Alongside the slider is a 12V plug that allows you to plug and play the refrigeration unit and the power comes directly from the battery.

Tribe Trailer Basecamp Back Slide Out

There is nothing like cooking in the wild with a TRIBE Trailer



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