overland trailer Arizona

Just because you have this awesome overland off-road trailer with independent suspension does not mean you are now entered into the BAJA 500 and you can go as fast as you want.  Caution is always the best practice when you are about to hit the trail.   Make sure you STOP before you go onto any medium to hard trail and do the following.  Check all connections are secure and the trailer will not break loose when you dip into something gnarly.  Check the wheel lugs and if you need to “air down” this si the time especially if you are going to hit sand or silt or drive on the beach.  Always drive like you have a vehicle being pulled behind you so that you are aware of the back wheels and where they are going.   Look inside the trailer and secure everything that will potentially break and/or bang around, think “BOAT” and “BAD ROUGH WEATHER”.   Make sure the spare tire is secure, the tent and awning are secure and the gas cans and LP tank are latched down.

Be safe always and don’t slam the trailer into massive holes or boulders. Just like your vehicle it can potentially break an Arm or bend the hub.   Once you get to your camping spot, unhitch the trailer and look for anything that could have potentially broken loose and do a complete inspection of all the bolts and parts.  You can mark the bolts with a market to see fi they have have moved from the “tight” position.

Practice backup and maneuvering as much as possible in a safe environment before you get into the wild.   Proactive replacing the tire and have a full set of tools and heavy duty hammer just in case you need to do some trail repairs.

overland trailer Arizona

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