Where can I purchase these trailers?

The TRIBE® Trailers are located at many RV dealers across the country.  Click on this link to find the closet dealer to you. 

Can I pull the TRIBE® Basecamp behind my vehicle?

Yes the TRIBE® trailer only weighs approx. 1654Lbs and can be pulled behind practically any vehicle.  Always read the limitations of your vehicle and the attached tow hitch.  Note that when towing you want have the trailer level, not pointing up or down in front/back.  There are many adjustable tow hitches available so that you can adjust the height of the trailers tongue compared to the vehicle.

How does the TRIBE® basecamp tow off-road?

The TRIBE Basecamp can go anywhere your vehicle can go.  Always know the limitation of your vehicle as well as the trailer.  Practice with the trailer in terrain that is controllable. If you drive the trailer against rocks or deep holes you could damage the trailers suspension so go slow and always be cautious. 

How much water can I carry with me in the water tank?

The TRIBE® Basecamp trailer is equipped with a 17.5 Gallon tank.

I am new at towing, how can I learn to tow correctly?
Is TRIBE® Trailers DMV certified?

Yes we are certified in many states and if you get a tribe from a dealer we will be certified in that state as the “manufacturer of record” with your certified VIN #.

Where can I find my VIN Number and information on the trailer?

The VIN# is located on a metal plate on the side wall of the front tongue of the trailer.  You will also see a safety plaque with some safety requirements.

Are tribe trailers fully assembled?

Yes they are fully assembled with the TUFF STUFF® ALPHA® tent and awning system already installed and completed.  You will need to read the instructions on how the tent operates or call us and we will explain.

Is the TRIBE Trailer ready for solar?

Yes the TRIBE trailer is 100% ready for a solar panel system.  You will receive all the connectors you need to adapt to your solar system to the trailer so that you can recharge the included battery.

How do you cook with an overland trailer?

The TRIBE® trailer comes with a full kitchen and sink.  The kitchen has two stove style burners and the sink is directly connected to a water pump that will get you water from the 17 Gallon water tank.  There are more than enough storage drawers in the trailer to keep all your cooking utensils and condiments.  The kitchen also has a slide out table to get some extra space.   The kitchen bring home to the outdoors.  

Why do I need an Articulating Arm over a ball hitch?

The ball hitch does not move with the trailer and can potentially tip the trailer if you are at an odd angle.  The articulating front hitch moves in all directions allowing you to take the trailer into extreme conditions.  The articulating arm also has a plunger that when off-road you open up so that the trailer does not push the vehicle when stopping but rather slowly plunges into a spring and softly stops itself.  When on road you lock the plunger and the trailer will stop quickly behind your vehicle.

Is there a CAMBER adjustment on the TRIBE® Trailer?

Yes there is an adjustment where you can adjust the camber of the tires.  What this does is allow for better tire wear down if the trailer is not on camber correctly.

How fast can I go when towing the Trailer?

Do not exceed 55 on the road and go only as fast as the conditions allow off-road.  Many states have restrictions with regards to towing a trailer, make sure you know these restrictions.  California (For Example) only allows towing in the first 2 lanes and only at 55 MPH.

When I connect my Trailer what do I need to do or can I just go?

Never just leave thinking that everything is okay with the trailer especially if you did not check the trailer the last time you went off-road.  Always assume that you need to check everything before you leave.

Think of the trailer like a “Captain” thinks of his ship.  Check everything because if you don’t there could be a failure on the road and you could lose your trailer.

These are just a few check points.

  • Check to see that the Lugs are tight on the tires. 
  • Check to see that you have the trailer safely connected to the vehicle and all safety chains are on and the brake and backup lights on the trailer are working. 
  • Check to see that the tires are in good condition and safe to use.
  • Check to see if the doors are all locked down and safely stowed.
  • Check to see if the brakes work on the trailer.
  • Check to see that there are no loose nuts anywhere on the trailer
  • (mark the nuts with a white marker to make sure they don’t move). 
  • Check to make sure the tent is secure and locked down so that it does not open during driving.
How does the trailer balance when I disconnect it from the vehicle?

The TRIBE Trailer has 4 stabilizing feet that you lock in place to stabilize the trailer.  The stabilizing legs are located on each corner of the trailer.  When you disconnect the trailer from your vehicle you will need to drop down the Jockey Wheel first and then disconnect the trailer from the vehicle apply the brake and then lower the 4 stabilizing feet.

Will this trailer fit into my garage for storage?

The dimension of this trailer are 143” x 74” x 55” and should fit into a regular size garage.

What size wheel and tires should I get if I want to replace the ones on the Trailer?

The current wheels are 15” alloy and the Lug pattern is 5 on 5 or the same as a JEEP® JK.  The Tires are 31x10.5 R15LT off road tires plus a spare located underneath the trailer.

Can the overland trailer carry Fuel?

The TRIBE® trailer has two Jerry can holders located in the front of the trailer. 

Does the trailer has an electric breaking system?

Yes the TRIBE trailer has an electric brake so that when the vehicle stops the brakes are applied.  There is also a “hand Brake” located in the front of the tongue to apply the brakes when the trailer is in a Basecamp position and will not be moved.

Do I need to purchase a Battery for the trailer?

TRIBE® trailers come with a 100 A/H deep cycle battery included with the trailer.

What tent comes with the trailer?

You will receive one of the best tents on the market, the ALPHA® by TUFF STUFF® Overland. The tent can be viewed on www.tuffstuff4x4.com you also get an overland awning by TUFF STUFF® overland giving you instant shade.

What do I do if I chip the outer finish of the Trailer?

The outer finish is similar to LINE-X® and you can go to any LINE-X® location and they will be able to respray the outside of the trailer.

Where do I get parts for the trailers?

TRIBE warehouse and distribution keeps all parts on hand or we can get them for you pretty quickly from our suppliers.  Call 866-447-7895 M-F 9-5 California USA.

Awning Warning - Do I have to move my awning out when I set up camp?

The TRIBE basecamp trailer has a awesome awning mount that allows you to move the awning to different heights and adjust the distance from the trailer.  When traveling on the road or trail you will want to place the awning in the tightest position against the trailer so that it does not hit anything on the trail.  Once you "basecamp" and start setting up the trailer the first thing you want to do before you open the tent is to extend the awning mount as far as possible away from the trailer.  The reason is that the ALPHA tent opens in that direction and will hit the mount if not moved and potentially damage the tents hard cover.  When you pack up, close the tent and move the awning bracket in the tightest position to the trailer.