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Utah April 2020-00120

Why do I have to move my Awning away from my Trailer when camping?

So at TRIBE have found that when you travel you should have all your exterior equipment as tight to the trailer as possible.  This will stop anything from hanging up or breaking on “stuff” on the trail.  We have also had some customers who forgot to extend the awning arms and scratched or damaged the…

tribe trailer in the wild overlanding

How does a TRIBE trailer handle on all road conditions?

TRIBE trailers handle extremely well on all road conditions due to the independent suspension that the trailers have.  The trailer on the freeway ( at posted speeds) handles extremely well with no drag, no resistance and no pushing the car if you stop due to the extremely light weight design.  When on fire trails or…


BILSTEIN Shock on a TRIBE Overland Trailer replacement

At TRIBE we are constantly trying to improve the performance of the Overland trailer.  We decided to try and remove the STOCK shocks and replace with BILSTEIN 5125 Series 33-187112 Shocks.  We had it a little easy due to the fact we have a forklift but you will need to jack the back of the…


Can we take our mountain bikes on the Overland Trailer? absolutely

So many people want to take their off road and water toys on the trailers and always look for spots to mount them.  For the mountain bikes the trailers have a hitch receiver on the back and you are able to attach your regular bike carrier onto the back of the trailer like this picture…

overland trailer Arizona

Get ready to hit some rough trails be cautious and check before you go.

Just because you have this awesome overland off-road trailer with independent suspension does not mean you are now entered into the BAJA 500 and you can go as fast as you want.  Caution is always the best practice when you are about to hit the trail.   Make sure you STOP before you go onto any…

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Overland Trailer electric drum break in procedures

Purpose This document describes the break-in procedure for electric drum brakes. The break-in period is a typical phenomenon with drum brakes and especially electric drum brakes. Electric drum brakes will require a break-in period to achieve full performance. This break-in period applies for new axles and any time new brake shoes and/or magnets are installed…