Tribe Trailer Basecamp Front Hitch System

If you look at this TRIBE basecamp overland trailer you will see right away this is not a normal trailer.  The trailer has two independent suspension  A-arms that work just like an off-road race truck.  They will move completely independently from each other allowing you to go off-road on extreme conditions.  If you had a normal ball hitch you would most probably tip the trailer over.

Introducing the articulating hitch with silicon block and “lock in place” plunger.  TRIBE trailers provides you all the equipment that you will require to connect the trailer to a regular hitch receiver.  We suggest you get an adjustable hitch receiver for all vehicles are set at a different height depending on what you have done for the lift of the vehicle.  You always want to tow the trailer at the same level as the vehicle.

There is also a lever that can be flipped open on the trail and when you stop or the trailer is behind you it will not PUSH the vehicle forward rather pledge into the hitch spring inside the aluminum casing.

Tribe Trailer Basecamp Front Hitch System

Please download the manual to see the full installation of the Hitch


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