About Tribe Trailers

TRIBE Trailers has fast become the Overland Trailer of Choice. With hundreds of trailers on the US trails and the expansion to over 60 dealerships across America, TRIBE Trailer company is one of the fastest growing Overland Trailer companies in the USA.

We have been to Australia many times and over our travels we bumped into so many travelers that were overlanding. We shared meals and beers in the wild and spoke for days about adventures and why and what is needed to truly overland. There were so many options available in Australia that we decided to design and develop one of the most versatile overlanding trailers in the world. Tribe Trailers was born to perform in the most difficult situations and bring the basecamp all the comforts of home.

The TRIBE trailer design was engineered by avid off-road racers who looked at what it would take to get a small but versatile trailer through just about anything and the key was the way we manufacture our independent suspension system. Not Unique to trophy trucks but a world away from the straight axle trailers that people are used to seeing. The suspension on the TRIBE Trailer will allow you to go just about anywhere your vehicle will go as well as track perfectly on the freeway to your destination.

We live and love the overlanding lifestyle. You will always get someone on the outsider of the line that completely understands what you are asking and what is required to make sure you are 100% taken care of.

Welcome to the TRIBE

Extremely well designed Overlanding trailers from the extreme adventurer to the weekend getaway TRIBE Trailers will never disappoint. Extremely Compact. The TRIBE Trailer is designed to fit intot he average garage. No need for special parking or Storage. Extremely comfortable lifestyle. TRIBE trailers provide all the comforts of home. Kitchen, Amazing TUFF STUFF ALPHA Tent, Complete electrical and solar ready system and water on demand.

Basecamp without losing the comforts of home. The Tuff Stuff ALPHA roof top tent is one of the best quality tents on the market. With a 5 STAR rating the tent provides comfort with the elegance of internal and external multi color LED lights. Tuff Stuff provides the best instant shade awning for those sunny lazy afternoons.

About Tribe Trailers
About Tribe Trailers

Cook like a pro. The TRIBE trailer has one of the best Quick pull out kitchens with built in sink. Brew some coffee or start a gourmet meal its your choice with this kitchen. The slide-out tray in the back gives you instant access to a 12V refrigerator or freezer so that your food stay fresh through your trip. When you done a water pump and sink allow you to wash up quickly while everyone gets ready for the nightly campfire smores.

The comforts of home in an overland trailer.